Pre-Soft is an organization that is:


Innovative :

We work to implement high-quality new processes, products, services, and solutions that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of clients.


These values have spawned a customer-centered culture at Pre-Soft. This culture is plainly stated in our mission 'Provide a full range of services that meet client business needs'. We develop solutions that link information and technology to business goals, enabling clients to change business processes and manage information so that they can attract and retain customers as well as improve profitability.



Client Dedicated :

We work in partnership with our clients and prospects, to understand and anticipate their needs and to develop high quality, cost-effective solutions, which meet or exceed our clients' needs or expectations.



Results Driven :

We stay focused on owning and achieving key business objectives and outcomes, never confusing effort with accomplishment.



Fast Cycle :

We display a bias for results and decisiveness by meeting the most aggressive timelines for delivering high-quality solutions to clients.



Team Centered :

We build productive working relationships, based on mutual trust, with business partners to develop quality solutions for clients and to meet new market requirements.




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