Pre-Soft also provide networking solutions depending upon organization needs and keeping in view the future requirements. Our team comprises of MCSEs and Electronic engineers who are experienced enough to provide the best possible solutions for the organizations networking needs.



Network Management Services :


If you feel your network infrastructure has failed to keep up, you're not alone. The network environments of yesteryear were not designed with today's technology and business requirements in mind. Your competitiveness is being limited by a complex network infrastructure that doesn't scale well and suffers from increased cost of ownership and less-than-optimum reliability and performance.


You need a modern infrastructure that cures the current shortcomings of your aging disparate systems and is robust and flexible enough to support your future networking needs.


Pre-Soft can help you migrate to a high-performance network environment. Our Network Management Services transform your disparate networks, applications and platforms into a single, integrated environment that future-proofs your business. You get a life-cycle portfolio of network services that:

In addition to reducing complexity and cost, you'll see improvements in performance, reliability and efficiency. All with the convenience that comes from having a single IT partner coordinate all your infrastructure needs.


Enterprise Networking Services:


Managing extensive wide area networks require you to know who is using the network and how traffic is flowing at every point. Your critical business systems can be impacted by limited network bandwidth during high traffic periods. The larger your WAN, the more likely you are to be dealing with multiple carriers with various contracts and many invoices.


With Pre-Soft Enterprise Networking Services, you gain access to a team of networking professionals who will monitor and manage your WAN to improve application performance and maximize bandwidth utilization. We'll help you better understand your network operations and provide information to help you make critical inventory and provisioning decisions. Pre-Soft will also manage your multiple carrier relationships with negotiated pricing and performance terms.


Pre-Soft begins with a comprehensive inventory of your network circuits to identify underused services and savings opportunities. We then manage future deployment of your hardware and software, while continuing to monitor network and application performance. Pre-Soft Enterprise Networking Services help you save time, money and frustration.





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